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Get access to important benefits like HMO, Life Insurance, Annual Physical Exam, 24/7 Teleconsultation, Mental Health benefits, Dental Care, Optical Care, and other awesome perks all in just one easy-to-apply membership.

What We Do

ALLCARE aggregates relevant worker benefits and provides it to those who otherwise would not have access to it.

As an aggregator, we pre-negotiate the benefits design and inclusions from different providers and make these benefits available to freelancers and SMEs via different membership plans under one digital membership platform.

All Care
All Care

The ALLCARE Benefits Package is recommended for small teams, growing businesses, agencies, cooperatives, and groups with unique setups!

Why choose ALLCARE?

ALLCARE is your perfect partner in providing the best benefits plan for you or your growing team.

Relevant Benefits

With ALLCARE, you get more than just HMO coverage. You also receive Life Insurance, 24/7 Teleconsultation, Dental care, Optical care, Mental health counseling sessions, productivity perks and many other benefits.

All Care
All Care

Easy to Avail

Spend no more than 10 minutes to sign up and complete your membership details all from the convenience of your desktop or your mobile phone.

Value for Money

We designed our plan specifically for you.

As little as ₱ 51 per day, SMEs can have over ₱ 250,000 worth of employee benefits all year round. For the price of a basic HMO plan at ₱ 18,500/member per year, ALLCARE gives you a complete employee benefits package.

A more economic option of ₱ 15,800/member per year is also available for a coverage of PHP 100K MBL HMO + employee benefits!

All Care
All Care

Convenient for You

With our MyBenefits Dashboard and MyBenefits App, you don’t have to worry about how to avail of your benefits. All you need to do is to log in, decide on what benefits you’ll use and within minutes, get the benefits you need.

Our Benefits Partners

As a benefits aggregator, ALLCARE partnered with healthcare and wellness providers to
come up with the most relevant, comprehensive and affordable benefits package.

Health Partners Dental Access Inc.
Vanguard Assessments
Red Ribbon
Vision Express
Food Panda
Konsulta MD

Our Growing Clients

aique innovation technology
berry virtual
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beyond metrics
expand force global
favor church
ideal visa
jmg consultancy
pbib pascal burke insurance brokerage inc
legal support help
lexi's online supermarket
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Commonly Asked Questions

ALLCARE is a digital membership benefits company that aggregates relevant worker benefits and provides it to workers who otherwise would not have access to it. As an aggregator, we pre-negotiate the benefits designs and inclusions from different providers and make these benefits available to different types of workers via different membership plans through our digital membership platform.
ALLCARE is NOT an HMO provider. We give SMEs and freelancers access to affordable and relevant worker benefits (such as HMO, life insurance, mental health counseling, wellness and productivity perks, and more.).

For our SME package, our HMO partner is Etiqa.
ALLCARE was conceptualized in August 2018 and the company was incorporated on December 20, 2018 in Manila, Philippines.
Our SME Benefits Package is an all-in-one benefits package perfect for small teams.
  • Accepts minimum of 5 employees
  • Requires only SEC/DTI registration and valid IDs
  • Accepts teams with foreign employers
  • Fast activation within 7-10 business days

The benefits include:
  • HMO (₱ 150K or ₱ 100K Maximum Benefit Limit) with PEC coverage of ₱30K on first year and up to full MBL upon renewal
  • Life Insurance up to P 100K
  • Annual Physical Exam
  • Teleconsultation
  • Dental Care
  • Optical Care
  • Mental Health Survey
  • Mental Wellness Counseling
  • Birthday Treat

To get more info, we’ll give you a call when you sign up at
For the SME package, here are the Etiqa-accredited doctors and hospitals:
For our individual bundles, our affiliate emergency healthcare provider is Maxicare, which locations can be found here.

Got questions? Ask away.

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