Frequently Asked Questions

ALLCARE is a membership program targeted towards freelancers or self-employed individuals where members get access to worker benefits like health and wellness, productivity, transportation and others, that they would normally not have access to because of the nature of freelance and the very high price that other providers offer it for.
The ₱15,000 annual membership fee will give every member basic HMO plan, life and accident insurance, transportation benefit, productivity benefit, communication and internet, and other perks and discounts.
Using data, analytics and industry research, we were able to identify the needs of the freelancers and the best packages that each member will be able to maximize and get the best value for their hard earned money. We work with different partners to ensure that we come up with the best combination of benefits for the market.
The benefits included in our membership program will only get better. We will continue to add products and services that will enhance the quality of life and uplift the working conditions for our workers. The more members join ALLCARE, the more benefits we can provide to the membership base.
Our Life and Accident insurance, in partnership with Asian Life, covers accidental death and death by illnesses given certain conditions and terms. Suicide and any intentional harm that results to death is not covered.
The health benefit included in the package, in partnership with Asian Life General Assurance, has an annual benefit limit of ₱50,000 and can be used for outpatient consultations and procedures, emergency care and confinement.
Asian Life has one of the largest networks of medical practitioners, hospitals and clinics around the country with over 500 hospitals, 1,000 clinics and 25,000 doctors and specialists.
No, the ₱50,000 is the annual benefit limit combined for any type of disease or any type of service and care that the member will need provided it is not part of the exclusions list. Instead of coming up with an amount per disease where there is a limited number of diseases, our benefit limit can be used for any type of disease including pre-existing and congenital diseases.
All medical conditions are covered including pre-existing and congenital diseases. The standard exclusions are maternity, ligation, circumcision, etc. and any aesthetic procedure that is not prescribed by an accredited physician.
Yes, ALLCARE will pay the portion on top of PhilHealth. When availing of major procedures or confinement, the member must ensure to process their PhilHealth first to avoid any cashout in the billing. If there is no PhilHealth processed, the member will shoulder the PhilHealth part and ALLCARE will settle the balance up to the benefit limit.
Yes, the CBTL Swirl card can be transferred. However, if there are other perks given to members via the Swirl Card, the member will not be able to enjoy the perks that were supposed to be for them.
GetGo points can be purchased by simply sending us an email at with the requested amount of GetGo points and your GetGo account number.
Yes, our dental benefit is provided for by Health Partners Dental Access Inc. which includes dental cleaning, consultations, simple dentures adjustment among others.
To avail of ALLCARE, just visit the website, read the eligibility terms, provide the requirements, and pay. ALLCARE memberships are activated within 1 - 2 weeks from confirmation.