Frequently Asked Questions

ALLCARE is a membership program targeted towards small businesses, freelance groups, and organizations where members get access to worker benefits that they would normally not have access to because of the nature of freelance and the very high price that other providers offer it for.
ALLCARE is NOT an HMO provider. We give SMEs and freelancers access to affordable and relevant worker benefits (such as HMO, life insurance, mental health counseling, wellness and productivity perks, and more).

For our SME package, our HMO partner is Etiqa.
We offer the ALLCARE SME Benefits Package where members can enjoy full access to benefits through our platform and have dedicated member care support to help with emergent benefits requests.
The ALLCARE employee benefits package with P 150,000 maximum benefit limit (MBL) HMO is priced at P 18,500 per person per year.
An economic option of 15,800 per member per year is also available which includes P 100,000 maximum MBL HMO coverage per illness per year plus important employee benefits.
Using data, analytics and industry research, we were able to identify the needs of the freelancers and the best packages that each member will be able to maximize and get the best value for their hard earned money. We work with different partners to ensure that we come up with the best combination of benefits for the market.
The benefits included in our membership program will only get better. We will continue to add products and services that will enhance the quality of life and uplift the working conditions for our workers. The more members join ALLCARE, the more benefits we can provide to the membership base.
Etiqa has one of the largest networks of medical practitioners, hospitals and clinics around the country with over 1,500 accredited hospitals and clinics, and 16,000+ doctors and specialists.

Our dental benefits partner, Health Partners Dental Access, Inc., has an affiliate of more than 600 competent dentists nationwide.
Here are the Etiqa-accredited doctors and hospitals:
To avail of ALLCARE, sign up at, read the eligibility terms, provide the requirements, and pay. ALLCARE memberships are activated within 1 - 2 weeks from confirmation.


The ALLCARE employee benefits package offers two options:

  1. The first option priced at P 18,500 per person per year includes a maximum benefit limit (MBL) of P 150,000 for the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) coverage plus over P 100,000 worth of employee benefits.
  2. The second option is an economic choice priced at P 15,800 per member per year. This option provides P 100,000 maximum MBL HMO coverage per illness per year along with essential employee benefits.
Yes, you may choose one of the following flexible terms for the benefits package: annual, semi-annual, or quarterly payment.


Yes, definitely! The ALLCARE for SMEs package is designed for startups and MSMEs who have never gotten a chance to provide important benefits for its employees. ALLCARE is the best product to start getting your people cared for.
Yes, groups under foreign companies can still avail ALLCARE for SMEs program. We just have to secure a certification from the foreign company stating the need for the benefits of all their employees here in the Philippines.
Yes. Employees have an option to enroll their dependents following the hierarchy.


Our HMO benefits under the ALLCARE for SMEs program are the P 150K and P 100K Maximum Benefit Limit (MBL). This means that each member has the total MBL value to utilize per illness per year for medically necessary check ups, laboratories, outpatient procedures, and even confinement in a small private room.
Yes, the MBL value has coverage for any type of disease or any type of service and care that the member will need provided it is not part of the exclusions and limitations list.
Yes, pre-existing conditions are covered up to P 30,000 in the first year of their membership. Renewing members can enjoy the full Maximum Benefit Limit.
The standard exclusions are maternity, ligation, circumcision, etc. and any aesthetic procedure that is not prescribed by an accredited physician.
Yes, ALLCARE will pay the portion on top of PhilHealth. When availing of major procedures or confinement, the member must ensure to process their PhilHealth first to avoid any cashout in the billing. If there is no PhilHealth processed, the member will shoulder the PhilHealth part and ALLCARE will settle the balance up to the benefit limit.
Yes, with or without Philhealth, the member may still use and enjoy their HMO coverage and other employee benefits. For members without PhilHealth, they still need to pay for the cost that shall be shouldered by Philhealth.
Yes. Members will receive their ALLCARE Kit once their accounts have been activated.
You can still use your benefits when you log in to your MyBenefits Dashboard and MyBenefits App.
Yes, the member just needs to secure a written diagnosis or valid referral from their physician.
Yes. It is covered by your annual benefit limit as long as it is medically necessary.


Life insurance coverage to serve as financial assistance for his designated beneficiaries as a result of the insured’s passing:

  • Life Insurance – due to natural causes PHP 50,000
  • Life Insurance – due to accident PHP 100,000
Yes, our dental benefit is provided for by Health Partners Dental Access Inc. which includes dental cleaning, consultations, simple dentures adjustment among others.