Get over P180,000 worth of employee benefits for just P15,000. Great for small teams and  freelancers.

Get access to important benefits like HMO, Life Insurance, Dental care and other awesome perks like free Grab or free WiFi - all from just one easy-to-apply membership.

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Why choose ALLCARE?

All-in-one care

With ALLCARE, you get more than just HMO coverage. You also receive Life and Accident Insurance, Dental care, Optical Care, free transportation, productivity perks and many other benefits.

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All in one care

Priced just right

Unlike other providers that sell you expensive premiums, we designed our plan specifically for you. For the price of a basic HMO plan, ALLCARE gives you a complete employee benefits package. At just P15,000.00 per year, you get perks and benefits worth over P200,000.00 combined.

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Easy to avail

Spend no more than 10 minutes to sign up and complete your membership details all from the convenience of your desktop or your mobile phone.

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Convenient for you

With our MyBenefits Dashboard, you don’t have to worry about how to avail of your benefits. All you need to do is to log in, decide on what benefits you’ll use and within minutes, get the benefits you need.

Get the full set of care you need with ALLCARE

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What people have to say about ALLCARE

ALLCARE is one of the best ideas out there. It makes HMO and benefits affordable for contractual, and/or, online freelancers, consultants, or basically anyone who wants to make sure that they get the benefits like that of a regular employee.

Avery Ocumen

Upwork Ambassador

Last March, playing street basketball with my son and neighbors, I suffered a freak accident and broke my pinky finger. I was rushed to the hospital and good thing I had my ALLCARE card! I had no problems using it and was given emergency care without spending a single centavo.

Marv De Leon

Freelance Blend Founder

I’m not a freelancer but I did get ALLCARE for our kasambahay, and I’m all praises for the benefits and customer service provided. The website to research information was simple yet complete. The benefits mentioned were everything, and more (than), we were looking for.

Veronica De Leon

Sun Life Financial Marketing Business Partner

ALLCARE is heaven-sent to solopreneurs, agency owners and freelance professionals who want to take care of themselves and their team members. People who want to experience the basic health care and lifestyle management will love ALLCARE.

Rey Baguio

Digital Marketing Consultant

The first time I used my ALLCARE health card, I went to Asian Hospital where I get my lab tests done, and it was all approved. Hassle-free, stress-free. ALLCARE has been the answer to my prayer. I’m very grateful, and I feel very blessed that they are here. I would highly recommend ALLCARE.

Lyra Sanchez

Lyra Sanchez Realty Services Owner

I’ve used it several times, and it’s really, for me, it’s such a hassle free system that they have. ‘Cause as a businesswoman, for me, my time is really precious. I would really really recommend ALLCARE.

Tal de Guzman

Risqué Designs Founder & Stride Collective Co-founder

What convinced me to get the membership is I believe it’s about the heart of ALLCARE to really help those people who are not part of the corporate set-up. ALLCARE is taking care of me.

Shela Heramis

Work at Home Geek's Founder & Freelance Social Media Strategist

I’m very happy with my experience with ALLCARE. I would really recommend ALLCARE to everyone especially for those who are starting up their own businesses. The benefits are fantastic, not just on the health side but also, Grab, the coffee shops, and all these other benefits that you can get from the group.

Atty. Reginald Nolido


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