5 Online Businesses You Can Start for Less Than P5,000

  • Aug 31, 2019
  • By Miles Malferrari


Starting an online business can seem like a daunting task, but once you start to build your momentum, you’ll realize you were worried over nothing. It’s as easy as saving up P5,000 to start you off. And to help you out even further, here’s a list of ideas you can get in to. 


1.     T-shirt Printing Business

All you need to start this is some great designs, an online store ( a Facebook page or Instagram profile will do), knowledge in screen printing, and materials for shirt printing.

T-shirts – P100 per shirt x 20 shirts = P2,000

Screen Printing w/ Frame – P195 x 5 designs = P975

Silk Screen Paint – P80 x 10 color varieties = P800


For 20 shirts with 5 designs and 10 color variations, you would be spending a total of P3,775. Plus, it costs close to nothing to get your website on Wordpress or Shopify these days. If that seems like a hassle, you can always try the good old Facebook Marketplace just to get you started.


2.     Personal Shopper

Shopping for a living? Sign us up! All you need to do is offer special gift packages you can curate for your client’s recipient, get a list of clients through friends, family, and word of mouth. Total cost (if the website was made free) = P0. Especially if you request for a deposit before you buy the products.


3.     Graphic Prints or Postcards / Stickers

If you have an eye for design or photography, then all you need now is to find a reliable printing supplier and you’re good to go for this business idea. Turn your photographs into postcards or your drawings into stickers or other prints like patches.

Postcards – P5 per postcard x 50pcs = P2,500

Stickers – P3 per sticker x 50pcs = P1,500

Patches – P25 per patch x 10pcs = P250


For all these items total cost would be around P4,250. Sell it through friends, family, Facebook, IG, or even Shopify or Wordpress and you’re all set!


4.     Packaged or Prepared Food

We’ve been seeing a lot of foodie trends lately and one of these is selling pre-packed meals with the calories and macros already accounted for. You wouldn’t need a huge capital here since all you need is your home kitchen and some ingredients to get you started. In addition, with most of your customer base paying for the full amount before the week starts, you already get the capital you need before you have to spend on anything.


5.     Handmade Products

Got some talent for a unique handmade product like knitted items or candles? Start selling them online on your own or through other online sellers by offering your items to them under wholesale or consignment (the store gets a percentage for every sale). You earn for every item sold and you could even get an already established store to help you out with promoting your brand.


While all these are quite easy and exciting, don’t forget that before anything you should always do some research on the market and possible demand first before starting any business. Do you have any other ecommerce ideas? Or perhaps some success stories that inspire you? Have you tried any of our ideas? Let us know through email and you could be featured on our blog!

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