5 Strategic Ways To Quit Smoking

  • May 31, 2022
  • By ALLCARE Team


Though habits are tough to break, it is possible. End your dependence on tobacco through these effective strategies:

1. Find Your Why?

Listing down your reasons to quit will help you realize that the long-term benefits of quitting outweighs the temporary pleasure from a few puffs of cigarette. You can start with these reasons:

  1. To love myself more by making healthier life choices
  2. To show my love and care for my family by not exposing them to secondhand smoke
  3. To set a good example to my children
  4. To save money

Another why to answer is: Why are you even smoking in the first place? What triggers it? Stress? Anxiety? Maybe it's time to address those.

2. Make a Plan.

Set a deadline. If it's not on the calendar, it's not happening. An example would be stating: "By December 2022, I'll be free from nicotine with no signs of withdrawal."

Set your environment. Find ways to make it hard for you to access cigarettes. 

Monitor. How frequent do you smoke?. By putting it in numbers, quitting becomes quantitative. Try lessening your sticks in a day, or opt for gradual replacement of alternatives. Some trade tobacco for vape but physical activity is your best option.

3. Make it Public.

Announcing your plan to quit does 2 things:

a. it affirms your decision to live a healthy life. This is usually followed by a supportive  response from friends and family.

b. it's going to be hard to take back your words seeing the support from the people who are rooting for you.

4. Find a Success Partner.

Your success partner will be the one to remind you always why you're doing this in the first place. They will be your support, especially during your episodes of nicotine withdrawal. These people must care for you deeply.

5. Create Motivation.

Compute the possible savings from the period you've started quitting and use it to buy a reward. It's important that you have something to look forward to.

We wish you the best, fam!

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