Freelancers and Solo Workers need not worry about Employee Benefits anymore. Introducing your All-in-One Benefits Partner - ALLCARE

With just one membership, receive a complete suite of benefits accessible to you conveniently and without hassle.

Annual Benefit Limit of up to P50,000.00 for individual members and P100,000.00 for corporate members to be used in emergency, consultations, laboratory examinations, out-patient procedures and in-patient confinement.


  1. Plan coverage of up to Php 50,000 Annual Benefit Limit
  2. Access to over 500 hospitals nationwide including the biggest major hospitals:
    1. St. Luke’s Medical Center (BGC and QC)
    2. Asian Hospital & Medical Center
    3. Cardinal Santos Medical Center
    4. The Medical City
    5. Makati Medical Center
    6. Chong Hua Hospital
    7. Cebu Doctors Hospital
    8. Davao Doctors Hospital
  3. General & Outpatient Care
    1. Medical consultation in any accredited doctor, clinic or hospital
    2. Minor surgeries or procedures not requiring confinement (must be medical in nature and not aesthetic) as prescribed by an accredited Physician
    3. Eyes, ears, nose, throat (EENT) treatment
    4. Diagnostic procedures including X-ray, laboratory exams, routine tests as prescribed by an accredited Physician
  4. Emergency Care
    1. Doctor’s services
    2. Emergency Room fees
    3. Medicine used for immediate relief and during treatment
    4. Emergency products items like oxygen, IV fluids, blood, dressings, casts, suture during treatment
    5. X-ray, laboratory and diagnostic exams, and other medical services related to the emergency treatment of the patient
    6. Dental-related procedures necessary for the repair or to alleviate damage caused solely by accidental injury sustained
    7. Room upgrade in case of room unavailability only for the first 24 hours (however the benefit amount will not change)
  5. In Patient Care
    1. Room and board accommodation (Small Private or the equivalent)
    2. Use of operating room, intensive care unit (ICU), isolation room, recovery room
    3. Professional Fee/s of the attending Physician/s
    4. Dental-related procedures necessary for the repair or to alleviate damage caused solely by accidental injury sustained
    5. Prescribed drugs and medicines for use in the hospital
    6. Whole blood / human blood products and IV fluids transfusion
    7. X-ray, laboratory tests, diagnostic tests and therapeutic procedures incidental to confinement as prescribed by attending doctors
    8. Dressings, conventional casts and sutures
    9. Anesthesia, Oxygen and its administration
    10. Standard nursing services and admission kit
  6. Other Special benefits
    1. No Fault Coverage (NFC)
    2. Pre-Existing Coverage (PEC) of up to P30,000 including but not limited to Asthma, gastrointestinal diseases, gynecologic conditions, chronic colonic diseases, hypertension, neurological conditions, accidental injuries, pulmonary diseases, benign and malignant growths, etc.
    3. Special Procedures also included up to benefit limit including but not limited to arthroscopic procedures, laparoscopic, angiography, CT scan/MRI, endoscopy, sclerotherapy, nuclear technologies provided it is prescribed by an accredited physician


  1. Maternity and maternity-related conditions and/or complications except pre- and post- delivery check up
  2. Sterilization of either sex or reversal of such, artificial insemination, sex change, consultation/confinement regarding fertility
  3. Circumcision, cosmetic / aesthetic procedures except reconstructive surgery to treat functional defects due to a covered disease and/or accidental injury
  4. Organ transplant-expense relating to organ donation of the donating party/parties
  5. Executive check-up and/or confinements purely for diagnostic purposes.
  6. Medico-legal fees including the cost of Medical Certificates that a plan member may require for any purpose it may serve
  7. Medical / surgical procedures and/or diagnostic tests that are experimental in nature and/or not generally accepted by the medical profession

See partner clinics and facilities here.
See partner professionals here.
Benefit of dental care including dental cleaning, consultations, recementation and more.


  1. Two (2) Oral cleaning service
  2. Two (2) Pc of Permanent Filling or Light Filling
  3. Unlimited consultations
  4. Adjustment of Dentures
  5. Up to 20% Discount on dental services not covered by this plan

See partner clinics and facilities here.
See partner professionals here.
Every ALLCARE member will get a telemedicine subscription to Kitika that allows them to consult with medical professionals from the safety of their homes.
Every ALLCARE member will have an access to a Free Mental Health Survey from Vanguard Assessments that will provide a comprehensive check on their mental wellness.
Every ALLCARE member will have two (2) FREE mental wellness counseling with licensed counselors from MyGolana.
The Life and Accident Insurance benefit provides ALLCARE members’ beneficiaries a benefit of up to P200,000.00 for accidental death as well as total and permanent disability.

Asian Life shall pay, subject to exclusions, the amount of insurance for which the individual insured is covered, to his designated beneficiary.
The insurance shall take effect if the beneficiary has:

  1. Accidental Death
  2. Provoked Murder
  3. Accidental Disablement (not resulting to death)
  4. Provoked Assault (not resulting to death)
  1. Life Insurance
    1. In case of accidental death or death by any cause, a member can claim up to Php 100,000.
  2. Total and permanent disability
    1. In lieu of Life insurance, after 6 months for total and permanent disability, a member can claim up to Php 100,000.
  3. Other schedule of indemnities:
  4. Both hands or feet or sight of both eyes
    One hand and one foot
    Either hand or foot and sight of one eye
    Injuries resulting to permanent bedridden
    Amputation at arm or above elbow70%
    Amputation between elbow and wrist, or one hand, or four fingers and thumb of one hand, Sight of one eye, leg below knee, one foot50%
    Four fingers35%
    Four fingers<10%
  1. Bodily or mental infirmity, hernia, ptomaine, bacterial or viral infection (except pyogenic infection occurring with and through an accidental cut or wound)
  2. Disease, sickness, parasite, or disorder of the body/mind
  3. Poison, gas or fumes voluntarily or involuntarily taken
  4. Atomic explosion, nuclear fission, or radioactive gas
  5. Pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage or any complications
  6. Accident occurring while or because the Insured is under the influence of alcohol or any drug
  7. Suicide or any attempted threat while sane or insane, or any intentionally self-inflicted injury
  8. Participation in any brawl, or committing any crime or felony
  9. War, invasion, act of foreign enemy or warlike operation (whether declared or undeclared), mutiny, strikes, demonstrations, riots, civil commotion, conspiracy, military takeover, state of siege, or any weapon or instrument employing atomic fission or radioactive force whether in time of peace or war
  10. Serving in the armed forces of any country, or international authority, whether in war or peace
  11. Entering, operating, servicing, ascending or descending from any aerial or submarine device or conveyance, except as provided under a passenger aviation provision
  12. Hunting, motorcycling or pillion riding, mountaineering which necessitates the use of ropes or pitons, racing of any kind, other than on foot, ice or winter sports, water-ski jumping and tricks, yachting beyond 5 km. off a coastline, underwater activities involving the use of underwater apparatus, or using woodworking machinery driven by mechanical power other than portable tools, applied by hand and used solely for private purposes without reward
Every ALLCARE member can enjoy discounted transportation via Grab with 10 pieces of P100 promo vouchers.
Every ALLCARE member receives an ALLCARE Corporate Swirl Card that gives access to free internet, 5% discount on food and drinks and 5X points earned.
ALLCARE members can enjoy additional optical care perks to keep eyesight healthy.

- Free comprehensive eye exam worth ₱500
- Every member gets minimum of 10% discount in select products of Sarabia Optical nationwide
- Get additional discount of 10% above standard offer on any brand and type of prescription and frames
- 5% discount on any brand of contact lenses of your choice.

See locations here.
Planning a cheaper way to travel? Purchase Cebu Pacific GetGo Points and use your GetGo to purchase your ticket. Through ALLCARE, members can load points into their GetGo accounts for a discounted price of P0.80 per point.
ALLCARE Members can improve their health by getting exclusive discounted membership in partner facilities through Gold’s Gym.

ALLCARE Members can avail of exclusive discounted memberships in two variants:

  1. P1,200 / Month - access to one ‘home’ branch
  2. P1,800 / Month - access to all Gold’s Gym branches nationwide (except for J Centre Mall Cebu)

The Membership provides
-Unlimited access to all (GGX) Gold’s Group Exercise classes
-Three free scheduled personal training sessions per year
-Unlimited use of the steam and sauna
-Free use of lockers (but bring your own padlock)
-Same discounted rate for two of your buddies

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