Everything You Need to Know About Telehealth and Why It is Important for Employees

  • Aug 07, 2020
  • By Miles Malferrari


What is Telehealth?

In simple terms, Telehealth is how you can manage your health care remotely. It makes use of the technology around us – mobile phones, computers, internet – with the goal of making health care more accessible to everyone. It can connect you directly to doctors, doctors to specialists, and more.

It’s especially important now during this pandemic when going out of your house seems like an instant risk and going to a hospital for check ups feels like the most unsafe place right now. What are some aspects of Telehealth and how can you and your team benefit from it?

Virtual appointments

Imagine if you could get an instant appointment with your doctor through the comforts of your own home. Some clinics can provide online videoconferencing for their patients. Those suffering from minor illnesses and symptoms that don’t need immediate medical attention can stand to benefit the most from this. Another example is a nursing call center that can help provide care for you at home through a question-and-answer format.

Doctor to doctor

Similarly, doctors can also take advantage of this by consulting specialists for their patient’s needs, symptoms, etc. The primary doctor can send over their patients’ history, records, test results and others to the specialist and get electronic feedback in real time without having to physically visit the office or clinic.

Health Apps

There are several apps created that can help you store information, record vital signs, schedule medicine reminders, record step count, and even calorie count daily. All to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Patient portal

Several clinics these days can have online portals that allow you to check results on recent tests done without having to go back to the clinic. You can also communicate directly to your doctor/nurse without having to navigate through email or call, schedule appointments to avoid large crowds and lines, and even request for refills on your prescriptions.

Why is it important?

With the recent MECQ in place, all forms of public transportation have once again been suspended – this has made moving around the city even more difficult for the next 2 weeks. Aside from providing proper health care for your employees, having telehealth available for them can also help reduce their stress from worrying about going to a hospital and wondering if they’re safe from COVID-19 while they’re there.

Telehealth has a lot of potential to make health care more efficient all within the four walls of your home. It’s still a growing (and fairly new) aspect in the health industry and has definitely become a necessity since this pandemic started.

ALLCARE SME package comes with a FREE 24/7 Telehealth subscription, which allows you and your team to consult a doctor from the safety of your homes. It is just one of the 200K worth of HMO + employee benefits your team can enjoy year-round.

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