National Health Insurance Month: Your Ultimate Guide to Health Insurance in the Philippines

  • Feb 11, 2020
  • By Miles Malferrari


February marks the country’s Health Insurance Month, recognizing the important role insurance plays in every Filipino’s life. However, despite almost every Filipino having access to insurance like PhilHealth, most still don’t know how it works and if there could be other options out there that can better care for them. Here’s the low-down of everything you need to know about health insurance.

What is Health Insurance?

It’s financial security amidst illnesses or medical emergencies. Your health insurance can cover your medical and surgical costs either through preventive check-ups or corrective means. In most cases, people with health insurance don’t need to pay a single thing to the hospital whenever they need to have medical procedures and tests done, including Emergency Treatment. In order to get this type of coverage, you would need to pay a premium. This premium is collected monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on your coverage plan. 

Illnesses can be blackholes for your hard-earned savings, especially debilitating ones. If you want to spare yourself from the stress of running out of funds on medical expenses for rough health conditions, you should consider getting health insurance as early as your first salary. 

General Benefits of Insurance

There are 4 main benefits you can get from insurance.

  1. Emergency Care

This one is used frequently. ER fees can skyrocket immediately the moment you step onto the floor. Ambulance costs are also expensive especially if you need to be attended to immediately. Having healthcare can take care of all costs while at the ER.

  1. Inpatient Care

This means that the patient needs to stay inside the hospital, there is a need for immediate or intensive care that only the hospital can provide and therefore means you would need to be checked into a room. 

  1. Outpatient Care

The type of care patients receive when they are outpatients differs from Inpatients in the sense that they no longer need to be admitted to the hospital and simply need a check-up from a doctor’s clinic. Most of the time aside from being treated, doctors supply patients with medicine to prevent the same condition from happening again (i.e. flu, cold, etc.). 

  1. Optional Benefits

Some healthcare providers offer additional benefits aside from the typical medical requirements needed such as Dental services, discounts to certain establishments, or even discounts on transportation.

Finding The Right Insurance

It’s important to take the time to find the right type of insurance for you. Most of the time we often look for whoever offers the cheapest premiums. Be careful. Sometimes the cheapest premiums can also mean the least benefits or inclusions and you’ll find yourself spending more than you can afford in the long run. When looking for a provider be sure to check the updated policies, inclusions, and list of affiliates and accreditation.

Do I Really Need Health Insurance?

The benefits do outweigh the cost of having to pay monthly premiums, especially as you get older and have more medical complications in your life. 

If you want fuss-free and affordable health insurance that gives you access to nationwide facilities and almost 0 need to cash out whenever you visit a doctor or hospital, check out ALLCARE provides healthcare in partnership with Etiqa (formerly AsianLife), one of the biggest providers in the country. 

What better way to start National Health Insurance Month than by getting insured yourself?

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